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Sujet:  Accomodation in Praia (on Santiago)
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Créé le: 01 Aoû 2019 8:15   
Sujet du message: Accomodation in Praia (on Santiago)

Good morning! Buenas dias! Guten Tag! Bonjour!
I'm Majka. Polish student (adult) girl of ,,Intercultural Communication".
The one Polish woman recommended completely this website to solve my problem.
I'm coming to Santiago (Praia) in 1st. September for 13 days.
I'm interested in other cultures, religions and I always dream to meet, know ordinary lifes of people where I am.
I'm creative, open-minded, small person with artistic soul. I love music, reportages (movies, books, photos), handicrafts. I'm confictioner too.
I'm not rich so I prefer travelling with tight budget (CouchSurfing.org, Workaway.info,...)
Since April 2019 I haven't found host in the place Sad
So maybe here somebody read my post and maybe he/she/they could help me and host me in the time? Or maybe your friends? Friends' your friends?
I would be very, very grateful for it, really!
I can share what I have, what I can, what I know: my knowledge about my country and other countries, where I have been,
Polish culture, Polish cuisine,
my skills of baking cakes&cookies, cooking world cuisines,
making jewellery.
I could help my host at home: tiding, cleaning, washing, cooking,..
I know English, a little bit Spanish and German languages, a few words of French and Russian too.
So if you could help me- let me know in my email: 3majka3@wp.pl
I would be very, very, very grateful for it, really!
Thanks in advance! (Obrigadu!)
Muchas gracias! Danke! Merci beaucoup!
Majka D.
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